Skytec Load Management Solution ( LMS)

Why pick Skytec Load Management Solution ?

Traditional Load Management System 

Suppose Load management has the pioneer & Intelligent solution which fully utilise the power supply and to provide maximum nos. of EV cars user which safe more energy by automatically manipulate the power supply to each EV charger station. But why we have to invest high amount initial capital in Day1 before save we can save the cost from Energy Saving ?

In traditional Load Management Solution what we need ? ( please see below image) 

To provide that the Load management solution for the EV chargers, we need to provide the nos. Smart meters depend how many EV chargers required, local server, internet switch, distribution panel. 

 Before  decide to install the Load Management Solution, owner might need to prepare the budgets of high initial investment cost before to enjoy the Load Management Features:

1. (Before Sales problems)- Variable cost will increase due to the numbers of Hardware & Devices increase

2. (Before Sales problems)- Installation cost increase due to the extension cables, networking devices and energy meters devices

3. (After Sales Problems)- Maintenance cost increase after first year warranty or DLP. 

4. Financially problems - The break-even point or Payback period will be extended continously due to service maintenance cost 

EO App ( Andriod & IOS)

  • Free to download EOAPP on Andriod phone & IOS phone

  • Via mobile app to make VISA & MASTER card payment

  • Register as VIP user via mobile app as personal ID

  • Remote start & stop charing your EV cars via mobile app.

  • Notification message when fully charge your EV car.

  • EO Cloud is an EO backend which provide are user friendly interface for admin management to control every users who using EO Genius charger.

  • Freely to download CSV report to have the further data analysis with user behaviour, billing statement, schedule load management ( Power sharing)

  • Remote monitoring and controlling for every EV charger station in the site area.

Load Management & EO Cloud

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