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HK Airport Cargo Super Terminal 

  • The EO Genius is an intelligent electric vehicle charger, packed with industry-leading technology that will allow  authorities to manage, monitor and eventually monetise the charging infrastructure.  Local authorities simply log-in to the EO Cloud charging portal to remotely operate the chargers and generate energy usage reports, enabling full control of the charge points with a single click.

  • EO Genius allow to have future expansion with load management implication build-in with the EO Cloud backend.

  • EOApp users are freely download app via Andriod/ IOS user. Host management can authorise EOApp user to operate the EO charger. 

  • Host management  can record all the users usage status, time consuming, power consuming and print out the CSV report in the EO Cloud backend 

25 Repulse Bay - Fortuna Court

  • 23 sets EO Genius is an intelligent electric vehicle charger, installed 100% outdoor environment. EO charger has highest strength of weather resistance  with IP66 enclosure protection without install additional stainless steel cabinet. More cost reduction for client benefit. 

  • EO Genius installed for all Fortuna Court residents and which of the residents would have particular ID when they download EOApp.

  • EOApp users are easily scan the QR on the charger with EOApp, the charger will start operate and charge for this user.  

  • Host management  can record all the users usage status, time consuming, power consuming and print out the CSV report in the EO Cloud backend 

HK Adventist Hospital 香港港安醫院

Airport Skycity Marriott Hotel 

  • Hong Kong Adventist Hospital has installed 2 sets 50KW DC supercharger which provided the clean air environment at B1 carpark basement. These 2 sets 50KW DC superchargers  support internal staffs & clients and increasing number of EV cars coming future.

  • HKAH has installed a new EO 3-phases 32A 22KW EV charger at B1 level carpark next to the DC super chargers. This EO charger which  provide more flexibility when they decide further  expansion in the near future just easily add extra EV charge station next to it.  

  • We provide high level of After Sales services which HKAH can call us easily and we have reserved enough spare part for the charger in Hot-Swap replacement process within 1 -2 business working days. 

  • Airport Skycity Marriott hotel has decided to install 21 sets of 1-phase 32A 7KW EV chargers and 4 sets of 3-phases 32A 22KW EV chargers to the New Marriott Hotel write opposite to the existing Skycity Marriott Hotel.

  • EO EV chargers with IP66 enclosure protection that capable with the extreme weather environment such as dusty, windy and high temperature in outdoor area.

TVB CITY 電視廣播城

  • The Aurora 映日灣 which is the most luxury Commercial & Residential building located in the centre  of Tsuen Wan district. 

  • Well known property management - Savills Group has introduced Skytec high  intelligent EV chargers to the landlord & developer which  provide green & zero-carbon emission facilities in the building which benefit to the Green environment and Zero pollution surrounding Tsuen Wan City. 

  • Skytec intelligent chargers has providing the building of most safety, reliable and convenient for all commercial clients and residential who pick EV cars as their daily transpotation to work. 

  • Skytec Payment Kiosk  provides the full options payment gateway - specially Octopus payment in this project. 

  • To keep continuously Green Enviromental Friendly, TVB management team and facility team has decided to expand their SKYTEC EV chargers facilities to service their TVB internal staffs. More and more TVB internal staffs will enjoy the EV charging facilities. 

  • Daily Zero carbon emission - many TVB staffs in daily transportation to work from home to  TVB city by their EV cars which generate zero Carbon emission to HK environment.

  • Skytec supply and install at the TVB city site with One-stop solution from power meter room to car parks for 6 sets of 22KW EV charger stations in the outdoor environment.

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